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Time to Re-Evaluate

Without any doubt, we will now have to be flexible and reflect on “where to from here” after this virus is defeated.  Our lives will change just as the world is changing and needing to deal with the enormous challenges this virus has given us. Yes, it’s scary as it’s an unknown but like every other challenge in our lives, we take it one bite at a time. There is great power when people pull together as a community and support each other. 

Some of the swirling questions in your head will be:-

  • How do I cope with these challenging changes that are happening now?
  • Do I need to examine my career and is there a change needed?
  • Will my career be needed going forward or will it be remodelled?
  • How do I protect my family going forward?
  • What are the main concerns emerging from this virus?
  • What are my obstacles and how do I overcome them?

There are two parts to this challenge, one part you can control and one part out of your control.  Both needing positive, assertive approaches.  Don’t be afraid to face the issues because once you acknowledge them you can begin to formulate your specific positive actions and bring out that “out of the box thinking” and actions.  You will feel better preparing for the future instead of loathing it.

World Governments have got an enormous challenge battling this virus and also the ensuing financial collapse that is happening.  How to keep the economy alive in readiness for recovery.  That is their challenge.  Ours is to also battle this virus and manage our financial stability until we can emerge out of the crisis.  So how do we do that?  Here is my take on it and some of the things I have put in place”-

  • If you are still getting paid and still able to pay your bills then do so.
  • If not, arrange terms with your bank/landlord, they have been given specific guidelines from Government at what they can and cannot do.
  • Get the family settled into a new routine, making it a “just for now positive approach”.
  • Learn to cook more economically as there are thousands of recipes online to help you.
  • Start to assess your job and skill set and ask yourself “is this still going to be needed going forward” or do I need to adjust with my employer what it will look like after the crisis.
  • Do I need to consider a different career to secure a better future moving forward?
  • If so what does that look like and what do I need to do?
  • You now have the time to update your resume and prepare a list of options.
  • Families will need to take the governments assistance to help through this time but start to think about what next?

There will be some jobs that will go but many more that will be needed.  I read today about a Project Manager who cannot secure anything at this time but is working nights at a supermarket.  It keeps things going and once the economy enters recovery, his skill set is such that he can adjust to several new ideas and roles. Our blue-collar workers will be needed to assist with basics in the community to rebuild a day to day life again.  Just as our essential workers are doing now.  So what else can we do to assist rather than sit and wait?  Here are some of my ideas and it would be great to hear yours:-

  • People in well-paid roles can offer to take a salary reduction of 10%+ to assist companies to retain staff to the end of the year.
  • Contractors that have had excellent hourly rates can consider fixed-term rates for the rest of the year.
  • Retired/semi-retired people can offer their services to small business for free to help them get back on their feet or volunteer for Council community roles.
  • Coaches and Mentors can do webinars to assist people with coping skills and a basic strategy in moving forward and how not to fear the unknown.
  • If everyone who can, gives a little we will gain a lot back, but sitting and expecting the government to be the “be-all and end-all” to this enormous task is just unrealistic. 
  • When the time allows, Volunteer, to help small business get back on their feet.

At all costs maintain that positive Can-Do attitude as it manifests much better results.  Are there things to moan and whine about? Absolutely!  But what does it achieve?  

There are some serious issues I feel we need in addressing this virus.  CHINA!  

  • Is it time to ringfence China and reduce our dependency on Chinese money?  
  • What can New Zealand bring back to its shores to create a more independent future?
  • Can our Farmers re-think their strategy and start to produce more homegrown?  If so what do they need to do that?
  • Could our wealthy investors start to back more homegrown projects instead of risking the stock market?
  • Why is the government allowing a toxic 5G network to be implemented and ignoring the risks? Do they care?

Just a few of the things floating around in my head after I have vacuumed for the umpteenth time, spent 2 hours on Facebook, written some blogs, ate too much chocolate, facetime all colleagues and friends and pretended to be Jane Fonda on the lounge floor!!

We have a great opportunity to emerge bigger and better but it requires flexible thinking, positive action and community spirit.  When I last took a look, Kiwi’s had this in abundance!! So let’s get to it!!  Love and light to you all.

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