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The CoronaVirus

Fact or Fear?

What? Where? Why?  Did this virus gets released into the community and spread the way it has?  The following is only my opinion based on why I question these things when the dots don’t join up and there are a lot of dots not joining up.

  1. Why are labs developing these viruses and how do they get released?
  2. If you develop a virus then why not develop a vaccine?
  3. Why do governments assume the public is stupid and fall for the BS that gets released such as this came from bats or a seafood stall in Wuhan?
  4. More people die from the flu each year yet this is being labelled a pandemic when in most countries there are less than 30 deaths (at time of writing this blog).  That’s if you believe the numbers.
  5. More people die on a daily basis from fentanyl and opioid overdoses than this, so why the scaremongering?
  6. How did Iran get it so badly when fewer people travel there than the USA.
  7. Why is it getting labelled a pandemic when there are less than 10 deaths in most countries?
  8. What if they were trying to bring down the economy and blame it on Trump to prevent him from winning the election, would that make sense?

Simple, control.  How do you control the people and collapse the economy?  FEAR!!  Is this a trial run to see how the public reacts?  Who knows what the real answers are? I believe this is pure scaremongering and it’s deliberate. All designed to bring down the economy and gain more control. 

I have a Mother with COPD so of course I am concerned as she would struggle to survive just as she does every year with the flu or a lung infection.  I believe in taking precautions and increasing personal hygiene and prepping for a crisis.  The crisis is the knock-on effect of this type of scaremongering. Most of which the Media are responsible for…..nearly every post contains different numbers.  

It is never a waste of time having extra food, water and cash in readiness for any crisis whether it’s an earthquake or a global economic disaster, or a “pandemic”.  Download the freebie lists so you can be prepared and organised controlled way.  Take responsibility for your safety, health and security because I would never rely on a system that lies, misleads or even develops this type of BS in the first place.  It’s the economic effect that makes things scarier than the virus.  Look at how the stock market has responded in every country and would you trust the central banking system?  Hell no!! I have spoken to four banks about Bail-In’s and they do not know what I’m talking about… my blog on “should you do the Gold and Silver Run”.

Let’s see how quickly China suddenly has a vaccine once its achieved the collapse of the economy and the USD………Conspiracy?  Who knows but I am hearing more and more people questioning this than believing it……..  

Food will increase in price as there are millions of tons of it rotting in ports.  Once the price is increased it won’t come down, it never does.  Fuel will go up even though the oil price has dropped.  House prices will tumble. Most of this you cannot control but you can be ready. Just prepare in an organised, non-panic way and you will ride out this round of global BS….

Maybe we need to Ask these Questions as well –

Take care of each other and do your research, share information and look after the vulnerable!!…..happy prepping.

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