Personal Security

Personal Protection

Why and How do you need to personally protect yourself in New Zealand or anywhere you may travel?  On a global scale, New Zealand is a fairly safe country to live in for everyone.  It’s warm culture, open lifestyle means that even as a single female, I can go anywhere with a reasonable level of confidence.  Obviously taking the sensible steps of not putting yourself into dangerous, stupid situations. 

What is Personal Protection?

Personal Security is taking responsibility for looking after yourself and ensuring you are not exposed to those occasions when things go wrong or you meet up with an exception to the norm.


In times of a crisis, be it environmental, global or community, personal safety increases tenfold.  Desperate people do desperate things, therefore, taking extra precautions is both wise and essential.  Our New Zealand Police web site has some useful tips on personal security.


Personal security will include your person, your home and work environment.  In times of crisis, you must also take into account the changes that will occur in your immediate environment.  This could include looting, riots and an increase in burglaries.

Please see our free downloads and our product list for simple items for personal security.  Ladies, the personal alarm on a keyring that gives out a loud shrill is a simple item you can attach to your purse, belt or phone.  There are simple immediate steps you can take to secure your home, please go to our information link on this. 

Some ideas:-

  • Buy a small keychain alarm
  • Buy a small defence pen 
  • Learn how to do some self-defence
  • Do some basic security on your home
  • Get a dog

Knowing how to defend yourself would also be a good idea and a fun group exercise to learn.