Whether we have a lot of it or little of it, nothing works without it in our western way of living. We go to the ATM and out it comes. Be it $10 dollars or $1,000. If the power goes off then the ATM’s don’t work and you have the situation as in Greece and Venezuela. If you follow the right information channels, you will see that the power outages and banking outages are becoming much more frequent and in some cases deliberate!

Have some cash put aside for an emergency!

For our lower income families this is not so easy when you need all you have on a weekly basis just to get by. The easiest way for you to mange to put something aside is take a look at something you could do without. It may be using less fuel, reducing your electricity usage, getting the kids to help by relinquishing something they don’t need (everyone spoils their kids!).

Something as small as $10 dollars each week can make a difference if you need emergencies. I had to practise this when I first left home and lived on practically fresh air but I saved up for my first car!! Food is very expensive today so when you go shopping, put back those items you either don’t need or you think of a cheaper way of cooking…….get the kids involved. I bet even the lowest paid can save $10 if they really had to. Imagine you needed it to feed your baby…..

When I broke my leg, I couldn’t get to the shops and I saved a fortune! I still ate well but had to think about it more. Its important to store your money somewhere safe. See out freebies information under security for ideas on this. Get the whole family to understand the importance of remaining STUM.


For those with a bit more to spare, you may wish to take a look at Gold & Silver. Why buy Gold and/or silver? Here are a few reasons to consider:-

  • The global debt ceiling is the highest it’s ever been and hanging on a cliff edge
  • The Central Banking system can no longer be trusted and are playing musical chairs to avoid another banking collapse – which is unavoidable. Central Banks and top seven countries are stock piling Gold.
  • Protect your wealth
  • Fiat currency losing its value
  • If the USD collapses we will have a domino effect around the world
  • If this is a new subject for you, then doing your homework is vital, Below are a couple of “must watch and follow” web sites for you to get started. I strongly recommend all of Mike Maloney’s videos. There is also a link to the Reserve Bank NZ Open Bank Resolution (OBR). How the banking system can take your cash to prop up the Bank in a Global crisis so that the government doesn’t have to, but YOU do. Knowledge is power.

A good site to follow is Mike Maloney who explains all about gold and silver and its importance in your financial planning for the future.

Another great guy to follow is Jim Rickards who has global experience within the financial and government arenas. He can explain to you the build-up and the inevitable crisis that is coming.


For those who are interested in learning about Blockchain technology (the platform) and about Bitcoin (the currency) plus other cryptocurrencies, the easiest way is to do an online course of which there are many. One of these is Christopher Greene AMTV Bitcoin course. There are more than 20 online videos in this course taking you through it step by step. I did this course myself and by the third video, it was worth the money.

There is a reason banks hate Bitcoin as they have no control over it. However, they are spending millions in the development of the blockchain technology of their own as this they believe they can
control. As everything will be done by electronic purchase, with no fiat currency being used, they have no choice.

Blockchain technology is the platform that all digital purchasing and recording will sit on, so I have listed a couple of online videos for you to look at for educational purposes.

NOTE: This is not financial advice but information for educational purposes so that you can make the best choices for you and your family.