Home Security


We’ve compiled a few tips to help guide you on your path to a more safe and secure home. Here
are some links to give you ideas, however, after going through a burglary myself, I have some basic ideas for you that can be done easily. Please download free list.

  • Securing Exterior Doors
  • Securing Windows
  • Garage Doors
  • Make Your Home Look Occupied
  • Keep Burglars at a Distance

During a crisis you will need to consider sustainability AND your security. When people become afraid and desperate they resort to activity that normally they would not consider. We have seen that with riots and looting during a catastrophe like an earthquake or hurricane. But what about if the economy collapses and the electricity, internet and banking systems are down. We have already seen short term effects of this in the last few months. That desperation for basic needs increases. People will look for food and money. Be prepared……..download our free checklists for home and personal (family) security and the PREPAREDNESS you need to do.


What items do you need to survive for 72 hours, a week, a month, or even indefinitely? Put together a Survival / Bug Out Bag of essential items that you’ll need to survive each of the situations you identified as being likely threats.

Earthquake – At work, have an earthquake emergency bag under your desk. At home, have a survival kit for you and the family for at least a month.

Hurricane – Have a home plan in how to secure the home in high winds and excessive rainfall. Have the same survival kit as the earthquake but you will also need an evacuation plan.

Financial collapse – If the central banking system fails or a global collapse happens as in 2008, you will need to be prepared as the ATM’s will probably be down, the internet down and some electricity failures could happen too. Without being accused of being a conspiracy theorist, this is already happening in Europe, South America, some states in the USA and UK. Banking and supermarkets have “failed” from half a day to a few days. We know an economic collapse is coming, we just don’t know what day. There are extreme efforts going into keeping the USA dollar afloat, the central banking system, the propping of the stock market along with volatile trade wars. Its not IF its WHEN. Just be PREPARED.

Civil unrest – This is the one you need to be most prepared for as it combines your personal (and family) safety and welfare. Civil unrest will mean a plan to secure your safety, finances and food. You can turn the preparedness into a fun family exercise by practising what you would do. Make sure everyone in the family knows where emergency supplies are and what you security
plan is. Ensure you stress to all family members to TELL NO ONE ANY OF IT! Not the kids at school, friends or colleagues. A great idea is to have a few neighbours collecting together to help and support each other if unrest occurs. This happens when panic sets in such as food and money shortages.

Q. If none of this is going to happen, then why are the armed forces around the world doing exercises on “Controlling Civil Unrest?

IF none of this does happen at least you have spare food, water, money and a form of security. It is not wasted.
Some good links to keep across what is happening – do not believe the main stream media. Do your own research. Some of these links will appear in our BLOGS and Newsletters.

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