Eco Living/Solar


The ideal in todays “green awareness” environment is to live a sustainable Eco style and method. This can be as large or small as you are able, from a solar powered water heater to a full ECO built and run home. It is currently the belief that Eco living is expensive to transition to but not if you research and implement things gradually. Each step is closer to being fully sustainable.

The ideal is to have a an Eco home built by reputable Eco builders that know the required regulations and standards required for all aspects of the home you want built. From insulation, construction materials to heating and water. There are now builders and installers that are able to achieve this at a much more attractive price due to the availability of pre -fabricated frameworks.

Otherwise, converting step by step at least is a beginning. From solar panels, “non fuel” generators and water capture and growing food, being the main starters.


We are still living the post-traumatic stress of what happened in 2008 with the global financial collapse, and more recently with earthquakes such as Christchurch. We are now learning how to save not just spare cash but energy.

Not only is there a need for energy efficiency but the greater need of independent sustainability. Solar is now becoming more affordable by the year. New advanced technology, improving efficiency and giving us choice.

It would certainly be nice being energy independent, let alone having an electric car that you could power with those solar cells to give you free transport too. You can begin by just having a solar powered hot water system. You can even have a small solar panel
phone charger! (see our recommendations under products). The secret is to choose a reliable company that has excellent testimonials with expert staff and plenty of knowledge. You can even build your own system, there are various sites on google that can help you. See our recommendations and affiliate partners we have sourced for you along with smaller items that can help with sustainability.

Governments can control the banks (your money) food, water and electricity but so far not the Sun.