Power Generation


Since the late 1880’s we have had power in some form, firstly from steam and then electricity.  This form of power has grown rapidly and we now rely on it for everything we do and use in daily life. First steam, then coal fired refineries, then oil and now nuclear.  It’s something we take for granted and almost every appliance we use needs it. Energy use has doubled every 10 years.

Electricity along with fuel for transport has become daily essentials.  It is no surprise that big powerful companies can turn off any countries electricity without moving from their seat. This ability is called an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). These EMP’s can severely damage electric and communications infrastructure. These EMP’s are already being used in war zones.  Suspicion is that they are also responsible for major outages like what happened in California too.

So in a time of crisis, such as the Christchurch earthquake, Australian fires and massive floods, the electricity goes down cutting off all operational capability for your appliances, food, water and fuel and that’s without your household comforts like keeping the fridge running and having light, heat and communications.

Would it then be fair to say that an independent power source such as a generator that doesn’t need fuel (as you may not be able to get it) or gas (as that may run out after the bottle is empty)?  Back to nature and use what the universe has given us and that’s the Sun.

Go Solar and have a means to be independent and survive those initial panic days or even months when there is nothing but Chaos.  A solar powered generator will give you enough for the basics.  Add it to your sustainability list.  Being fully solar with give you and your home the freedom and security you will need when everything else fails.  And it will.