You may have to be inventive with your cooking due to limited supply of power. The “4 ingredient” recipes are a good guide, download now off the website in readiness. Also, the Asian
way of cooking, one large pot of goodness with flat breads. Download recipes that can be cooked on a barbie in case of no power. Jamie Oliver has some good ideas. See link. Packet soups can be a good flavour booster.

You will also need to consider special situations such as gluten free, lactose intolerance, babies formula and any specialist medical need. Have enough medication at hand.
See our freebie download for food list.

Grow your own Veggies

I remember the days when most people had an “allotment” where we grew our own veggies and possibly kept a few chickens. Today most of that land has gone to developers for building. There are still some cultures that grow their own food where the whole family and often the community share and benefit.

Today there are those that turn a corner of their garden into “grow boxes” and with the development of more apartment living, this can also be a small box on your balcony. Some schools are teaching the kids to grow food and the pride in the growing process, but mostly it has almost gone in our western living, when we look at per capita.

This could be a fun thing for the family. Who can come up with the best grow box idea and each have their own grow box and veggie choice. Get them use to the idea.. Teenagers need a bit more encouragement you may have to invent a process using the mobile phone! Hey send me your suggestions or experiences in how to motivate our millennials…..

Get the whole family involved but do not broadcast what you have!……