These “pillars” to sustain your day to day life during a crisis are NUTRITION (including food and water), SECURITY and POWER GENERATION. These basic requirements ensure a safe family and community with many sub layers under these titles. In line with community and global sustainability, it is important we become aware of what our basic needs are and how to maintain them. Just do a “what if” exercise to realise these needs.

What if there is:-
An earthquake, (demolishing electricity, water and sewage services).
A long term power outage (more than a week), no communication or recharge facilities.
A civil or global disaster (internet crash taking out all communication and services or financial crash).

We know one or all of these are coming…….Christchurch earthquake is an example of how after 18 hours nothing was working – No phones, water or food.

What would you need just as basics? It is also about maintaining access to basic resources without compromising your quality of life. You can download our free list by clicking on the Freebie’s Tab. Today we teach our young folk all about the responsibility of taking care of our environment, our waterways, eco friendliness , re-cycling and global issues, yet many have forgotten how to grow food, cleanse contaminated water or improvise for heat and communication. If the mobile phone dies then capability stalls and our young folk have a meltdown!……..What about our elderly, the sick and the very young?

Life is an ONION….. lets’ start peeling it back…

What are the Primary Goals of Self Sustainability?

The self -sustaining family aims to be self -sufficient with the basics in order to:-

BACK TO BASICS – Lets make it a family educational journey and create a SMART pack.