Career Counselling


Career Counselling
Having spent many years in recruitment and career coaching, we can offer that services here to assist people who either just want to change their job or want to change direction and foster a whole new career. Where do you start and how do you sell yourself to prospective employers.

  • Have you lost your confidence?
  • Do you want a whole new direction?
  • Can you prepare a good resume?
  • Where and how do you start to look?
  • How to overcome previous bad experiences?
  • Can you only work part-time?
  • Mum’s back to work

When I trained to be an Engineer, I had a wealth of people telling me why I would never be employed, how it was a “man’s world” and what a waste of time. Yes it was tough but I ignored it all and had a career that took me around the world. Trust yourself and your instincts and block out the “noise”. I will have several blogs on this subject and how I have continued to use certain mentors and processes to keep me on track. I will share those with you too. Let’s build your confidence.

Recruitment & Resume Building
We have recruited people in several different countries and across all disciplines for many years, both within an agency environment and internal. I have developed an approach that I feel works and an opinion on both! There are many sites that have resume shells that you can use however it is my opinion that many of them are not good. They are just the latest style. Having advice and help in how to achieve your goals and then the tools to do it is an important step. How many of us have just replaced an old or bad job with the same thing – cookie cutting.