Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Business Consulting
This service is aimed at the small to medium business that may need advice on how to get to the next level, why something isn’t working, marketing, staffing or business brokering. We often find that we start a business that gains momentum and at that stage we may be so busy working “in” the business that we can’t
seem to work “on” the business. It may be that you are now doing well but need to keep up with new trends
or organic growth.

Starting Your Own Small Business
Now this seems overwhelming at first but like most things, if taken step by step it’s not so bad. Having done this several times on a personal level and worked with others too, I have learned the pitfalls and how to avoid them. In fact to start this site I invested in an on-line marketing course. To help you begin your dream, we have aligned with selective providers that can either just get you started or take you through step by step to grow and expand.
Please go to our “freebies” site for links to our affiliates or email an enquiry.

Building Your Own On-line Business
I knew that heading towards retirement, I needed to have a method of continuing to support myself and without getting in the queue to be employed by others. The main driver was wanting to work under my own rules instead of catching a train in the cold and wet every morning at 6am and arriving home at 7pm. I felt like a robot and all to build someone else’s business. So how did I get to where I am today? I knew it needed to be online yet I knew nothing about online marketing and or selling. So how did I get started?

  • What did I want to do?
  • What did that look like?
  • How could I learn what was needed?
  • What were the basic requirements?
  • What was the purpose?
  • What was my ultimate goal?
  • What are my drivers?

Once I answered these questions, I set about finding the people with the skills to help me. I joined an on- line marketing trainer and found it amazing. I was learning things I had never known or thought was possible. That trainer plus a couple of other sites will be in my affiliate list for you to also consider. There will also be connections to specialists that can also get you started whether its advice on building a web site, basic company requirements to a total build for you.

I started my online business by spending $29.99. Yep that’s is correct and it went from there!…..if you need
this help, advice or service, please see our list of affiliates or email me an enquiry for a free chat.

See our freebie download list for a “check list” to help you think through the basics.

  • Can you delegate?
  • Do you need to upskill
  • Do you need to outsource
  • Do you need temporary specific consultative services?
  • IT setup and security?

And so on…..please go to our affiliate list for specialists in this area, many of which I have used personally over the years.