Sustainable Elements3 is a community friendly site to share, educate and assist ourselves and others in times of crisis. OR at least being prepared for one. My background as a professional female with a wealth of experience in several different areas, lived in different countries, have experienced an earthquake and a burglary, been skint, it is my aim to use this experience to help others and create a community that is sharing and supportive. We welcome other people’s ideas, experiences and involvement. It is not a political or controversial site, therefore we do not welcome internet trolls or negative angry people. Lets’ keep it RESPECTFUL and SUSTAINABLE.

In a crisis or economic turndown, the first thing that happens is staff reductions. Jobs get less and businesses try to survive under the new conditions. Many people lose their jobs or have to take less pay. It’s during these times people may decide to start that small business and be their own boss. Especially if that idea has been a long term dream, a passion or something you know the community needs, even in a crisis.

You may decide to change your job to reduce the travel costs or be a talented tradesperson but without knowing how to build your website or market your business. Therefore, this is also part of being SUSTAINABLE. We offer additional services to help those that are trying to help themselves.

Some of the Services/Assistance we can offer:

Various links to sites that may offer a service pertaining to sustainability, security and the planning thereof.

For further information on the above please download our free start your own online business checklist or complete our online enquiry form.

All of our free lists are designed to cater for your particular lifestyle level. Therefore, we have information for families who may be on a lower income, the elderly/retired and those that may have more resources and want to invest in larger sustainable ideas and products.