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Should You Do The Gold And Silver Run

Another big question for those of you in the community that may have a retirement fund, savings, or still earning a reasonable salary.  Maybe you look at the stock market with trepidation, and quite rightly so when you see how the last few days have brought massive falls due to the coronavirus threat. However, this correction is long overdue. World debt is absolutely unbelievable and off the charts.

However, as we know the world is changing very fast and part of our preparation for that change is taking steps we may not have considered before to secure what little we have.  The central banking system is on a precipice, constantly trying to manipulate the market and ensuring that we will pay the cost when the big adjustment comes. The all-powerful banks.  What is the alternative?  Apart from Crypto (and the banks refuse to cooperate with you if you choose to take this road), gold and silver are the other alternatives. 

Before you can make that type of decision, you need to educate yourself on the precious metals, its history and why the major countries around the world are now stockpiling gold.  One of the best guys I have studied with is Mike Maloney of It’s pure straightforward education and then you can decide.  See below for a link to his YouTube site that also has several other videos for you to watch.

Another expert in this area is Jim Rickards.  Take a look at Jim’s information at The Daily Reckoning, Australia.

Silver is a lot easier for people to purchase as it is approximately 80% cheaper than gold, yet still a very valuable commodity.  So if the Gold market is getting a little out of reach then consider silver, it’s worth having alternatives to fiat currency which in essence has no value.

Here are some reality questions to ask yourselves:-

  1. What happens when the banks close down the business due to a global financial collapse (just as they did in Greece)?
  2. What if the banks run out of liquidity and they impose the “bail-in” option?  
  3. Why have all the major banks altered their policies to give them bail-in access?
  4. Do you know the bail-in terms of your bank?
  5. What if…..when) the coronavirus collapses the global shipping and the Chinese economy collapses due to all the shutdowns? 
  6. What if you are limited to a daily amount such as $100pd by your bank?

If you don’t understand bail-in then go to the Reserve Bank link and read on what it means and the power the banks have, links are here:-

Go to the top right of the page and search for Bail-in.  Historically, such as the last financial collapse, the government bailed -OUT the banks.  This time it will be you!!

Having something in your control, valuable (increasingly so), that you can touch and keep is well worth consideration.  We are in very precarious times and we do everything on the internet.  Banks are now reducing the availability of cash, heading towards a cashless society.  This means the only alternative is digital transacting and total control.  Once you deposit your money into the bank, you have technically “loaned” it to them, it is no longer a saving mechanism and it does not belong to you until they agree to give it back to you.  On a normal day by day basis this works and life goes on…….but what if……or should I say WHEN!!

If you can afford it, do it.  Just like storing food and water.  This insurance policy is like all other insurance policies, we hope we never need them but thankful if we do………

Download Mike Maloney’s free book on Gold and Silver, it’s a very easy worthwhile read even if it’s just for the history.  It’s fascinating just how the USA has manipulated currency for so long.  Now add in China!!

The largest gold bullion storage at the moment is Russia.  Next is China and of course Saudi Arabia…….WHY…………

So to finish, my prepping community, ask, educate, read and make wise decisions that are best for you and your family…..

Happy Prepping…..

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