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Living in a beautiful country like New Zealand with a warm friendly culture, it’s hard to believe that we could suddenly be hit with a crisis that is outside an earthquake or tsunami. The next financial crisis and global collapse is imminent as the whole world knows it’s coming due to the global, out of control debt levels.

Major corporations, banks, shipping companies and trade are bracing themselves for another 1929. If you follow people such as Jim Richards, Mike Maloney and the Sovereign Man, you will see that they have been advising for preparedness for some time. They anticipate the collapse with be at the beginning of 2020. Now living here in paradise it’s hard to imagine as you see everyday life ticking along nicely – UNLESS you have been paying attention.

This is not something we can stop. The adjustment needs to happen. The stock market and housing markets are fit to burst and are being propped up, but not for much longer. So, what do us ordinary folk do to get ready? My main concern is for our families at the lower end of the pay scale, that may not have much spare if anything. See my freebies list for some ideas on this. That is what this site is about. Do not make the mistake that this is just all talk or conspiracy theory just because the media tell you nothing but lies…… It’s coming. You do not want to be in supermarket storms or fuel storms where people are panicking. You just need to prepare each week by adding to your food storage, water
storage, bit of spare cash and any specifics for your dependants. I have attached some links at the bottom of this so you can follow what is happening. Crisis management is sensible and gives you peace of mind……….love and light to you all….

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