Kathy Clarke, Managing Director, SustainableElements3

After many years of professional and entrepreneurial experience within the resources, engineering and recruiting industries in the UK, Australia and New Zealand, I am aware of the changes in the global economy and the environment. I have developed a keen interest in sustainability and how we are affected as individuals, families and a community in times of crisis. Look at the current disasters around the world and how unprepared we are in dealing with them on a practical level. We always think it will never happen to us……but it is already…..

Very much a people person, I enjoy the engagement, challenge and ultimate success in getting it right. I’ve been described as tenacious and full of life and I really enjoy people interaction. My move to New Zealand was a life change decision after visiting here on business and falling in love with New Zealand’s culture and beauty. I love our Maori culture too which gave me many ideas on how to be SUSTAINABLE, which I am keen to share. I will also have our Maori translations and ideas on this site. I am learning our Maori language but for this exercise I will need to consult a specialist! Watch this space!