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The Pillars of Sustainability

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To maatau korero

SustainableElements3 is all about being able to maintain a certain level of living consistently.  Built around the Ecosystem idea and being able to be fully sustainable and independent in today’s world.  Even being able to continue a standard of living in a temporary crisis.

What are your basic needs in a crisis and what would you needs be if you wanted to be independent of today’s crucial services such as power, water and food?  We have become so reliant on the modern-day technology and services that we have forgotten the basics of survival.  We have also forgotten how to use our natural resources and knowledge to survive.

We have recently all been reminded of the chaos and fear when the power goes down or is switched off.  When the banking system doesn’t work at the ATM when supermarkets cannot process your purchases at the till. We know a massive shift is coming in the economy.

We are quickly becoming more environmentally aware such as reducing the use of plastic, taking care of our environment and planting more trees and processing of waste.  But what about being able to grow your own food, power your home for heat and energy, capture and filter your water?  Beyond our mobile phones and power-driven services, how would you survive? It’s not as hard as you think……..we just need a mind shift.

We have developed this site to give basic tips and information on how to do this by prepping.  Whether it is a temporary situation in a crisis or a more longer-term lifestyle choice. We have also investigated and aligned ourselves with suppliers of the basic items for a sustainable lifestyle. Sustainability is not just about the environment, but about maintaining our Health, Security and Communication in times of crisis. #prepping #sustainability #crisis #security




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